We follow the Westside Barbell Club Conjugate Method. Whether you’re training for power lifting, a specific sport or as a first-responder, we follow their system in tailoring your workouts to your specific needs. Here’s why:

“When lifters repeatedly use the same simple method of training to raise their strength level, they will eventually stall. Like the scholar who must utilize many sources of information to achieve a higher level of knowledge, the lifter must incorporate new and more difficult exercises to raise their standards.” – Louie Simmons (of Westside Barbell)

The purpose of the Conjugate Method is to handle max lifts while enabling ample recovery, in turn avoiding overtraining the C.N.S. (Central Nervous System).

The “Conjugate Method” does this by using a complex method of rotating special exercises that are close in naturE (for purposes of staying true to Westside) to the power lifts.

Doing this method will increase strength relative to the classic lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift) and help perfect coordination, which will in turn advances one’s technical skills.

The first and most important step is to select exercises that attack your muscle weaknesses (lagging muscle groups), and bring them up to par to surpass your sticking points as well as strengthening your “special strengths”. Special strengths are classified in categories as starting, eccentric, or accelerating strength.

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